Sunday, 17 March 2013

Eat to Nourish!

I've been feeling awesome after having Isabella almost 3 weeks ago so i have gradually and slowly started to exercise a little each day. I ran/walk 4km yesterday which felt great...but i paid for my "lack of good fuel" later that day. I didn't make a snack/smoothie after the run like i used to & we made chicken fingers, fries and cucumber with humus for lunch so that's what I had. Those foods were not enough to replenish mu nursing & running body, so the result....MASSIVE HEADACHE!
Its amazing how our body communicates to us & tell us "that was a stupid move!" So once i figured it out, I pretty much had a 2nd dinner and the headache went away!

Lesson Learned; Fuel your body properly and it will do whatever you ask of it. It is not just about how hard we train, it is MORE about what we feed it, you cannot train to your full potential until you feed your body pure, natural & clean foods.
Happy St. Patty's Day!


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