Monday, 4 March 2013

Do you know ALL Performance Fitness has for you??

We have MANY clients that have trained with us for a long time and whenever I mention a different program that we offer they usually say "Oh, I didn't know you had that! That's great!" We have expanded what we offer to our clients A LOT in the last 6-8 months!
  So I wanted to take a minute to tell you all about what we do at Performance Fitness in 2013.

6:25-7:15am (mon & wed)- The Ultimate Workout- this early morning body blast uses a combination of TRX, Kettle Bells and ViPR to challenge your body in a fast paced 45-min workout that is sure to start your day off right and have you burning TONS of calories for the rest of the day.

12-1pm- Lunch Bootcamp (mon, wed & fri)- This full hour of fun is a small group circuit training style group that includes cardio, strength, core and flexibility. It is a group that knows how to work hard and laugh at the same time. Make the changes you want in your body and meet some great new friends at the same time.

5-6pm (mon & wed)- This is an after work Small Group Personal Training session that will allow you to come straight from work, take away the stress of work and frustrations so you go home energised and positive! Our workout is geared to burn calories, lose weight and drop body fat. It will challenge you and empower you!

7-8pm (mon/wed)- This evening workout is planned similar to our 5pm Small Group Personal Training workout but the timing is for those who need to get home to families commitments or just need something later on to fit it into their schedule. You will see cardio intervals, strength training, core work and MORE!

MEN ONLY (tues & thurs @ 7pm)- This workout is only for the guys! Get ready to burn off the body fat around your midsection and gain muscle. This is not like our other programs at all; we have geared this workout towards what men are looking for in a workout with some sport influences as well with battle ropes, agility ladders and plyometrics. This group only takes 6 guys and always fills up FAST!

HOT MAMA's/ STROLLER FIT (tues & thurs)- These workouts are a BLAST! We have designed a workout that is geared towards mama getting results and back to pre-baby shape or better all while having you new little one come with you.
With HOT MAMA's we are in the studio using the TRX, Kettle Bells, ViPR, Stability Balls, BOSU and More while your baby plays in the exersaucer, playpen or bouncy chair. We do weigh-in and measurements at beginning and end of each 6-week session so you can see your results.
In STROLLER FIT we take it to the trail! We meet at the train off St.John's Side Rd just east of Yonge and use the train for speed walking/jogging intervals then at planned spots along the trail we stop and do strength and core work using body weight, Resistance bands and benches. Come get some fresh air with your little one and feel your body tone and tighten like you haven't in a long time!

ViPR Class (sat @ 8am)- This is a group training program that NO OTHER gym/studio in York Region offers! ViPR's are a unique piece of equipment that any person, beginner-advanced, can use. It adds weight to movement. So it will create a cardio based strength workout...BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! This class is a Performance Fitness Favourite among our clients.

We also have speciality Monthly Programs;
90Min Bootcamp- We change the focus each month to show case a new piece of equipment or focus on specific body parts....TONS OF FUN!
Couples Bootcamp- Bring your spouse and have an awesome & ACTIVE Date night!!

So what can we do for you? LOTS!!! Let us get you the results you want and have been trying to achieve but just haven't been able to get there yet.
check out for pricing, dates and info.
Pass along to friends and family as well, we LOVE meeting new people and welcome drop-ins to try out a class any time.

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