Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New CONTEST begins in Sept!!

Well time has come to bring on a little competition with yourself again. The contest we ran in April went SO well, we've been working on what to bring you next to keep you motivated and having fun with your workouts.
Since we will be coming out of summer vacation we decided to make this challenge a COMMITMENT CHALLENGE. So its you against your goals, your schedule, things that get in the way of your workouts.

How it works:

  • you register for whichever program works into your schedule
  • we calculate how many sessions that would be over the 8 weeks
  • we then keep attendance 
  • to WIN a prize you have to attend the total # of classes that you registered for
**if something comes up and you cannot make the class you were registered for, you can attend a different day/time to make that session up. Just contact your trainer to make sure the group has room**

So this challenge is all about making a commitment to YOU and DOING IT!! Not letting anything get you down, make you loose your momentum and allowing you to SEE THE RESULTS from your commitment. For some this may seem really hard cause of "life" but i PROMISE you, it will be worth it solely for the feeling of the accomplishment, being proud of yourself that you made the commitment to YOU and nothing got in your way. Also, the results you will see for working out consistently.

Dates of Contest: Sept 9- Nov 1 

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