Monday, 5 August 2013

More active with Age

I was just in South Carolina for 2 weeks on vacation and had ALL the intentions in the world to get more running in than I have been at home cause "life" has been getting in my way lately....NOPE! I did run a few times for sure and skipped as well, which i need to do more of cause my calves were tight as guitar strings for 2 days!!!
The one thing that never ceased to make me smile every day though were these 2 older gentlemen who were out either on thier bikes or walking ALL the time! They were motoring, sweating and smiling and waving at every car that passed them. I WANT THAT!! These men would be 70+ and obviously retired and they were just loving life and looking good.
SO many times I hear from people that they would like to get thier parents more active because they seem older than they really are because of thier balance or strength issues, well I'm here to tell you YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO START EXERCISING!!!
We even have a kinesiologist on staff who specialises and has a passion for working with older adults, so if there are injuries, degenerative issues, chronic pain...we can work with it all and improve your quality of life.
So keep on smiling and keep active, or START getting active.


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