Sunday, 11 August 2013

Off they go to CAMP

Well the time has come, my almost 6yr old and 4yr old are off to daycamp for 2 weeks full time. I have never had any of my kids in full time school yet either until this Sept so its a BIG STEP for this mama. Its nuts in my house when I have all 4 kids tuesdays & thursdays i admit BUT we still do have a lot of fun together and I cherish the time i get to have with my kids.
Most friends have told me i'll love the time with just the 2 little ones once school starts but right now I'm in sad mode. My girls are growing up too fast!! They are so ready but mommy & daddy just want to keep them in a little cocoon for a few more years, LoL!!
SO camp is my slow transition into school; the lunches are prepped the night before, bags packed, kids excited...

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