Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Midwives of York Region Refer patients to Performance Fitness

I am so humbled and proud that the Midwives of York Region are referring patients to our studio. We love moms and babies as most of you know but getting into Pre-Natal Fitness is a dream of mine (yes another dream!).
So i received a call from an expectant mom who was sent to me from my midwife that I had during Hailey's pregnancy and I'm so excited to have her come to the studio. Looking towards doing pre-natal classes in the near future, very specific small group training gear towards each stage of pregnancy and the changes happening in a women's body while we are pregnant.
If you or your friends are pregnant and looking for a workout where they don't need to pay for a membership and they get a workout geared to them that will keep them strong and get their body ready for delivery but also for making it easier to recover after delivery, please have them contact me.

Lovin' LIFE!!

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