Sunday, 29 April 2012

Food Confessions

I am happy to announce both my hubby & I have been doing REALLY well with our recent change to a wheat-free lifestyle, we've been on track about 90% of the time no matter if we are away, working or at home.
Last night however, we fell off the wagon & paid for it. I had chips (empty calories) & Nick had some beer... I know it doesn't sound like much but just to show you how much wheat is in beer and the crap in chips, we both literally had stomach aches within 30mins. I even felt so awful it woke me in the middle of the night.
I love that Nick is now aware of what foods do to his body and admitting it! before he wouldn't admit that my eating recommendations were actually based on true research and not totally out of left  feild.
So we are both SO on the wheat-free band wagon, for life hopefully. I'm also aiming to lower my blood pressure (I have hypertension) with my decreased wheat, I'll keep you posted!!

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