Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hormonal Blood Work DENIED by Doctor!!

I took 2 of my kids to get their needles yesterday and had set up to get a requisition for a complete set of blood work because I have not had it done since long before having my 3 girls. I wanted the "typical" blood work; cholesterol, iron, ect but I ALSO wanted to get my adrenals and hormone levels tested to really have a full picture of how my body is functioning. I have spoken to MANY clients who have had their hormonal blood work done and was warned about the hesitation doctors have in giving requisitions to do it. So low and behold, my doctor ask me why i would want that done and when I answered that i wanted a full picture of what is going on in my body after having 3 kids in 3.5yrs and being on birth control on-and-off for 9yrs...she proceeded to say "Its not accurate"! Can you believe that?! I was floored. As far as I know, blood work is your MOST ACCURATE picture of whats happening in your body. She was asking am I having certain symptoms that would lead me to think I need my hormonal or adrenals tested and I said no but I feel that knowing what is going on in my body is important. So in other words, If i had an issue she'd do it but since i don't, we'll wait for one!
I had my hubby and all 3 kids with me so i left it but i was thinking more after I got home; is my health care not about ME? If I ask for something to be done, no matter if its covered or I have to pay, isn't that up to me? Hormonal testing can show signs that could lead to certain cancers, immune issues, and SO MUCH MORE! Why is my asking for this blood work frowned upon?
I need to put a note about my doctor though; she is a great doctor and WONDERFUL with my kids and I've been going to her since I was 4yrs old so I'm not trying to knock her, I was actually just disappointed though.
I will be making an apt with a Naturopath soon and will get the requisition from them without an issue but I really am getting a sense more and more that traditional doctors want to treat symptoms and not be pro-active to make sure we don't get to a point where we are having problems, THEN fix it!
Be pro-active in your health care and don't just accept the answers from anyone, do your homework and educate yourself and I promise, your body will thank-you. I'm learning that a combination of traditional doctor and naturopathic doctors is an AWESOME team to have on your side for overall health.

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