Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Ultimate Playlist

I need your help everyone, I want to know what song/music genre pumps you up. I tend to stick with the more current music but more and more I'm finding the older rock or pop that I never would have listened to before is awesome too!
I want to make a massive play list that has everyones favs on it so I can just crank the music when I'm making you do that extra 30sec or 5 reps when you think you are finished. You can get lost in that music and push through. I'm going to post the final play list on my blog for those of you needing some motivation for your workouts at the gym or home. I'll post a cardio play list as well for those runners and riders.
For those clients I spin with during our sessions...wicked songs with heavy beats are our friend! Send me some ideas and we'll push through the burn!
Comment below with one or LOTS of ideas.
Have a great day


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