Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hormone & Adrenal Testing Today

So I'm off my coffee for a day in order to complete my hormone and adrenal testing. It is a saliva test that you do at home, 4 times through out the day so they can get a picture of what your body does throughout the day, not just at one time. Not hard at all actually and I'm getting pumped about my next apt in a  few weeks to see my results!
It has to be done between days 19-22 of your cycle in order to be accurate. There are a lot of factors that could through off the testing too so you need to be ready & plan snacks out cause you can't eat an hour before each sample is taken but it really is painless and quite easy.
So stay tuned for results and the "plan".
I have also been  taking my magnesium and actually do feel more rested and relaxed. I wake up and I'm ready to get up, not hitting snooze 5 times. I will also be meeting with my M.D. in a few weeks about lower the dose of my blood pressure medication! So excited about that.
So many awesome changes and interesting insight to my body over the last few weeks and in the coming few weeks.
So glad you are joining me on the journey

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