Thursday, 31 May 2012

Organic Local Produce it is!!

I'm so pumped! I've done some research and found that Zephyr Organics is a great value, delivers to York Region and is priced really well. The Deliveries start the week of June 15 and run through November. On their website they have the seasonal growing chart so you can see what months each veggie/fruit grows in, We are going to order the Weekly Half Share which includes;

"Receive 10 certified organic, fresh and locally grown vegetable (and occasional fruit and herb) items each week for 20 weeks, delivered right to your doorstep. An example of the quantity of each item is 3 zucchini, a head of cabbage or a bunch of broccoli. The weekly half share is an excellent choice for families of 3 or 4 who would prefer to receive mostly traditional North American staples such as lettuce and carrots with a smaller quantity of ethnic and novelty items like kale, baby bok choy and okra."

The produce is delivered to your door each week for 20weeks and is all organic and grown in Zephyr, Ontario. The farm also recommends you come visit the farm at some point and take a look at how they grow their produce and they even say you can help if you want! They have a local produce "Store" at the farm as well. The pricing was awesome in my opinion; we will pay $28.50/wk and still have money left in the budget for the fruit/veggies that may not come in the basket that week but we want!
There is an open house happening this Saturday June 2nd. Check out for more details.

As far at meat goes, the jury is still out. I have been recommended a few local suppliers of organic meat, which also supply to Nature's Emporium but I would assume the price would be a little cheaper buying straight from the farm. They sell packages, samplers or huge orders. They will deliver if your order if you'd like which i LOVE.
Here are two options for local organic meat that I had recommended to me; - Brooker's Meat in Schomberg - Beretta Organics in Etobicoke
I'd love to know of any others that you may know of.

What Fruits & Veggies Should we Buy Organic and What is "OK" to buy regular? Below is a post from Jenn Pike's blog (Holistic Nutritionist):
The list she has compiled is also the same list i received from my Naturopath Lisa Bloomer. Talk a look and Shop right.
Thank-you to Lisa Bloomer, N.D & Jenn Pike, Holistic Nutritionist
Jenn Pike-
Lisa Bloomer-

Stay tuned for more info!


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