Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Should we go 100% organic??

So i am debating the importance of organic fruits and veggies vs. non-organic. Is it important to have all veggies/fruit organic or only specific ones? I have heard so many differing opinions and which ones to get organic. Why would certain foods be better organic than others? I need to do more research on it, but bottom line is, I don't want pesticides in my or my families bodies.
I love the idea of buying local produce first of all, support our local businesses and farmers but sometimes that does mean going out of my way to get them. Thankfully we have stores like Nature's Emporium that supply all organic fruit and veggies but not necessarily local.
I've been recommended a few local farms that deliver to your door in-season fruits and veggies. Its like a farm share program where they grow it for you then drop it off to your house. A very cool idea! But there is also the consideration, what if its not all the produce you want then you have to go buy more on top of the cost for the delivery... so much to consider.
Then there is the cost; is it THAT much more expensive to buy organic? If you don't eat your produce before it goes bad then yes, that's a lot of money down the drain for sure BUT if you use all you buy then i guess the real question is "How much is your body worth?" What price would you put on proper body function, absorption of good mineral & vitamins, minimal toxins in your system, less chance of cancers...and SO MUCH MORE.
I'm still weighing in on the whole thing and haven't made my decision yet but i do realise that it is important and I need to choose better for my family. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I plan on asking my Holistic Nutritionist friends and my Naturopath for their feedback and I'll keep you posted for sure.

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