Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My hotty Hubby is losing his wheat belly!

Ok so as many of you know, Nick and I embarked on our Wheat Freedom about 6wks ago now. We soon realised that Nick has a serious sensitivity to wheat, to the point when he in bend over in serious gut pain or in the bathroom right after eating it!
So now that we have realised that and he has come to accept the fact that whatever is in our modern day wheat is SO NOT GOOD for us, he has been incredible. Not to say he hasn't had some treats here and there, but he is eating tons of veggies, fish, lean meats, salads, fruit, cheese, nuts, yogurt, eggs, ect.
He was away for 3 days working on a cottage and when he came home i couldn't help but notice..his Wheat Belly is almost gone! He actually had 3 people ask him how much weight he had lost now...10lbs people!! He feels great and looks amazing, so if you think you cannot take wheat our of your diet cause you just love bread too much...look at my hubby! He is a carb monster, well he used to be, now he's a lean mean muscle machine! LOL
Way to go babe!

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