Friday, 18 May 2012

Note to all Mama's on O.B. vs Midwife...both good, what will you choose?

I was chatting with some mama's at our Stroller Fit Program today about our delivery experiences and we got chatting about the difference between O.B. and midwives. I had a great O.B. for my 1st 2 pregnancies but when I got pregnant with my 3rd and knew this would most likely be my last, I knew I wanted to do all I could to not be induced 3rd time around. So after talking with quite a few clients I booked an appt to just chat with the Midwives of York Region about their services. Here is why i was sold on it;
#2) You don't have to have a home birth, Southlake works Amazingly well with the midwives of York region
#3) You can get an epidural if needed and no one will judge. We all have our birth plans and want we want to happen and a midwife has all that in your file and will remind you of what you wanted and help you cope, deal with pain and has MANY resources that are natural to help if you are trying to go "drug free". BUT if you do opt for an epidural, that's OK to. The midwives are there to do whats best for you and your baby.
#4) So many amazing experiences from friends and clients who had used midwives, I couldn't not at least explore the option.

So for me at 37.5 weeks when my Blood Pressure started to creep my midwives recommended acupuncture, homeopathy and some herbs and with using these things I was able to go in for induction (crying cause I didn't want it) and find out i was 100% effaced and at 3cm dilated! So all they needed to do was break my water and into labour i went!Great experience for me so I wanted to share that with anyone interested or considering a Midwife. LOVE THEM!!

So for those of you I spoke with today, take a look next baby around and see what you think. Call AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE PREGNANT cause they do get booked up very quickly.


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